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Tien Nguyen.
17 years old residing in #yyc
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Day 2 in Japan.

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Finally in Japan!

We arrived at Japan around 4pm and it was humid and hot as fuck. I was literally dying and I still kind of am because I’m not used to this kind of weather. The city is really nice though and people are still out and about at this time which is new to me o u o 

My friend and I had dinner at a restaurant called TGI Friday. Apparently it’s an American chain but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never seen it before. The food was good and the server was really cute. (She’s a girl haha) 

Now I am chilling in my hotel room about to go to sleep soon. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves ^ U ^

Good night!

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Hello followers! ^ U ^ 

Just letting you all know that I will be leaving for Japan tomorrow (the 16th!) and will be back on the 24th! Depending on how much time I have at the hotel will determine how often I’m on here.

I hope you all take care and I will see your beautiful icons in a little more than a week <3

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It scares me to realize how fast I’m growing up.

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It is 2:49 in the morning
and I cannot sleep.

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I am on Skype with my best friend. He is listening to music as we both work on homework. I will be leaving for Japan in a little less than 6 days. I don’t have to stress over unit tests and projects because my teacher’s assigned all those last week. I am researching about Canada’s government system before I go to bed. I am very much at peace with life right now. 

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You seem to forget that whatever you post on the internet, anyone can see.

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I am in such a good mood lately even though the past week has been stressful as shit.