"Family first" my ass

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No need to be so fucking rude…

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How do you and Matt cope with the distance? How are you guys dealing with the situation at the moment. You're on vacation in Florida so aren't you out really often? Also I'm going overseas with my family next month for the whole month, and my boyfriend and I are going to have a lot of issues with time zones. We're also long distance so it's hard enough with the constant dropped calls and disappearing internet. What do you think we should do to keep the missing each other and loneliness down? :c

Hehe, yeah, I do go out a lot here but Matt’s really understanding about the time zone difference and how I will be out a lot so there will be times where I don’t have internet. That’s the most important thing. You both have to be understanding of each other and the time zone differences, and how you both won’t respond because you are on vacation so you will be rushing from place to place sometimes ^ ^

Conveniently for us, we both have iPhones so we communicate through iMessage! ^ U ^ We also both have snapchat so I’ll snapchat him throughout the day (obviously they don’t send if I don’t have internet.) but when I get to a place that has free internet (some restaurants, Starbucks, McDonalds, back at the place you’re staying like your relatives or a hotel, etc…) I tap on the photos to resend them so he gets them all at once o u o Throughout the day, he sends me texts as well. I don’t get them until I get internet but it’s really nice and reassuring when I come home to them. It just lets me know that I was on his mind and that’s always nice. 

When I went to Japan the time zone difference was crazy. So we barely got to skype or talk except for in the mornings and late at night where the time difference wasn’t too bad. So what we did at the end of every day was write blog posts to each other. We share a blog on here and every day I would upload my pictures onto it and tell him about my day and what we did and if something reminded me of him I would let him know that :3 He also did the same as well for his day o u o 

SO ALL IN ALL, we snapchat each other and iMessage each other whenever we get internet, we update each other every day on our blog and whenever it’s possible we try to Skype. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes. 

I hope you have fun on your vacation! Just communicate to your boyfriend. He’ll be understanding since you will be on vacation, and you should be understanding about his situation too because he’ll probably be out with his friends as well! Even the simplest action of letting him know that he’s on your mind is meaningful and if you find something that reminds you of him, buy it for him! (that’s what I did for Matt AHHAHA) 

Best of luck! And have fun! ^ U ^

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So, Matt showed me the shirt on the left and I fell in love with it. I thought it was really clever, and the “too many people grow up” line was really eye catching to me hehe. It was only sold at a store called Tilly’s which is a store in the States and I was too cheap to order it online so I told myself I would buy it when I went to Florida this Summer.

So then here I am, and I went’ to Tilly’s for the first time and saw both the male version and the female version. And then I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cute if I got Matt and I matching shirts? So I got it.

But turns out, Matt also ordered them both for the both of us.

So, I’m going to go return mine but adhfaljshdf I don’t know, I just thought it was cute that we both got these for each other HAHAH :3 

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I love you Tien Nguyen.

I love you too, Matthew Lee.

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It annoys me when girls with double eyelids say they would do anything for monolids. Like shut the fuck up, no you wouldn’t. In today’s day and society of being called “slit eyed chinks” and being made fun of because apparently, “Asians can’t see anything,” you would not want to have monolids.

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» "I don’t understand why girl’s get plastic surgery."

Exactly. You don’t understand. So who are you to judge if a girl gets plastic surgery because it’ll make her happier? I’m tired of seeing people criticize others for getting plastic surgery. Telling them to “love themselves.” Telling them to accept their “natural beauty.” Maybe you can love yourself and accept your flaws but some people just can’t. Sure, you can preach about “natural beauty” but here’s the goddamn truth - looks matter. Don’t say they don’t because they do.

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“I just want to be pretty.”
— 6 Word Story

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I am thankful for the times we were given together.

I only wished that we had more.

More time.

Always needed a little more time.

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