» "I don’t see what she/he sees in him/her."

Yeah exactly, that’s the whole point. You don’t see it. So you can’t judge them or ridicule them for liking that person because you may not see their worth but that person can. So stop bashing other people’s relationships because a useless, or ugly, or stupid person to you may mean the whole world to someone else.  

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» If there’s one thing I don’t understand…

It’s how much hate that exists in this world. I just don’t understand why people choose to leave such rude comments and remarks. How hard is it for people to just be nice? If people were just nice we wouldn’t have so many problems in this world. I don’t get how a person can tell another person that they’re useless or ugly and still feel good about themselves afterwards. Is it because I’m still young and naive? Is that why I don’t see the reason why people choose to hate? I don’t know, it’s just something I can’t wrap my mind around. I can’t comprehend why anyone would choose hate over love. 

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» I don’t understand…

"Girl: I want someone to always be there for me.
Guy: I’ll always be there for you!
Girl: Not you.”

Then stop complaining. Don’t complain about how no one’s there for you when there is someone there for you, but you just choose to ignore them. That’s a huge piss off, especially to those people who are there for you but you never go to them because you’re so blindly looking at other people, who probably don’t give two shits about you, to help you. Open your eyes and look at what you have in front of you before it’s too late. Realize it now before they leave and then you truly will not have anyone to be there for you. 

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» People change, we change.

We just don’t realize it. We think that we’re the same people we were before but others will disagree. When it comes to other people, we know they’ve changed but when it comes to ourselves, we don’t realize it. I think that’s why people get so offended when you tell them that they’ve changed. It’s because they don’t think they’ve changed, but we know they did. Because we saw it for ourselves. 

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» School.

Honestly, if you’re a type of person who doesn’t try in school, who slacks off and doesn’t do homework then you are in no position to complain when you get a bad mark. What do you think? You don’t do your homework, you don’t listen to the teacher and you game/party when you should be studying. You think that’s going to get you a 100? No, it’s not. Sure you can be ‘naturally smart’ but if you’re so ‘naturally smart’ then you wouldn’t have bombed that test, now would you?

When people complain about doing bad in school when they don’t even try, it’s pathetic. You’re in no position to talk. Maybe if you actually tried a little then you wouldn’t be in this position. 

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» "Oh, Facebook is filled with so many judgemental people."

LOL, no. Your Facebook may be filled with judgemental people because you were the one who added/accepted them in the first place. If you clearly don’t like them then why are they on your friends list in the first place?  

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